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71 things to do to make your school more sustainable poster!





RHS Campaign for School Gardening

This new campaign aims to encourage and support schools to create and actively use a school garden. There is a free start up kit, information for teachers and a chance to win their "photo of the month" all on their website

This is all backed up by their report that found children who get to garden are healthier, happier, learn new life skills and boosts development. Read the report here



Welsh Primary School opens Outdoor Classroom

The 8 acre site at Edwardsville primary near Merthyr Tydfil has developed the first of three outdoor classrooms, that includes chickens, a mini market garden and an orchard. They also have an eco-play shelter made from local materials including cob, straw, lime render and a sedum roof. The deputy head teacher says "It's about preparing the next generation to be more self-reliant, children will learn the skills that many say will be needed in a world where energy is in short supply and more food will be grown locally." read the full report here


Want to simultaneously save your school budgets, reduce carbon emissions and educate your students ? The new "SUSSED" Energy and Water reduction Programme includes a professional energy and water audit, with follow-up support, together with educational activities to involve everyone in your school. The programme is self-funding. It is initially available to Primary schools in the Calderdale area.

Want to know more about SUSSED ? Click here.

To email us, to express your interest in joining the programme, or to send us queries - Click here


Cambridgeshire's first ecofriendly school opened this September

Queen Emma primary school opened its doors to the recpetion class this September. Eventually the school will have space for 480 pupils, when work is finished. Its cool eco features include a ground source heat pump, which uses the earth as a heat source and a grey water recycling system to flush the loos. The outdoor space is also high priority where there will be a scented garden, herb garden and butterfly garden to encourage biodiveristy.

Read the full story here.


Lights that cost little for the Philippines

This simple but ingenious project called "A Litre of Light" is bringing cheap lighting to dark homes in the Philippines. All it is a bottle filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach to stop algae, fitted into the roof of a home. The water helps to reflect the light into homes making household tasks much easier. Sustainable and easily accessible - just the way we like it - see the full story here


"Rethinking Finance" at the Schumacher College

After a course at the Schumacher college this summer forward economic thinkers came to the concludsion that we need to evolve our relationship with money and remember that "the original meaning of the word economy, to which we now need to return, was to manage one’s home – from the Greek words ‘ecos,’ (home) and ‘nomos,’ (manage). Instead, in the modern world, economy is all too often about one thing: money.” to make a healthy economy we need money, people and land and money is there to serve the other two. "When we realise that ecological and human values are the only true values worth holding, then we will begin to really solve the financial crises of our times." Click here to read the full story at the wonderful Postive News webiste


November is treeplanting time!

Make the most of the tree planting season in school or at home. Make an event of it, get your friends together or find a local group thats planting trees and offer to help out! Trees are a fantastic way of making the future more sustainable, dont miss out of been a part of it!


Need Local Eco School Products?

You can now get everything you need for your eco school play ground or outdoor classroom at "Eco School Products" For all structures, they use a "combination of 100% recycled plastic lumber and steel. As recycled plastic doesn’t split, splinter, chip, rot or crack there is no need for maintenance and the risk of splinters in little hands is removed." Resistant to vandalism and weathering these products are perfect for schools, nurserys or public parks. Amazing products and local too - have a look!





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