There are lots of sections in SUSchool, and on our poster there are no less than 71 different points on living sustainably. Lots of them boil down to one thing. Trying to stop the things that lead to CLIMATE CHANGE

So what’s all this climate change stuff that people keep going on about? It’s like this..

Our world is surrounded by layers of different gases. These gases stop too much heat from getting to us from the sun, and they keep too much heat from escaping. Without these gases the temperature of the earth would be about minus 18 degrees C – cold cold cold!!

However… Those friendly greenhouse gases have become unbalanced… and the result is less than friendly…

The gases are unbalanced because since the industrial revolution we humans have been burning fossilised carbons like coal and oil to make energy, and that has released massive amounts of the gas carbon dioxide (among others) into the air in a relatively short space of time.

At the same time, humans are chopping down more trees than ever before, which is a shame since trees are very efficient at breathing in and storing carbon!

So there is lots of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere – increasing every day and it is keeping more of the sun’s heat from escaping. Our world is heating up… Like a greenhouse does when the sun shines on it.

We call this the greenhouse effect.

And most scientists in the world (but not all) think that the greenhouse effect is causing our faster-than-ever-before climate change.

It might be that this will mean that there will be changes in the weather. It may rain more – or less.

And our wildlife might be affected, some species may be better off, but lots of species may die out.

We aren’t sure what the effects of climate change might be, but we think that it is very important to try and reduce the things that lead to climate change. Because of the speed of the change, there is less time for us and the wildlife to adjust to the change.

This means trying to do things that will reduce the amount of pollution that is released into the atmosphere.

Everybody can help – and every little thing counts!

There are loads of organisations and masses of people out there working with great enthusiasm to fix the problem.

You could be one of us !

Here are just a few things that you and your families and your friends and your school and your community and your county and your country can do to help. There is more detailed information on the other pages on each of the subjects.

Save energy! Enormous amounts of greenhouse gases are released by power stations burning fossil fuels to create energy. So switch lights off in empty rooms and shut the doors to keep the heat in! (have a look at the energy efficiency starter for more information).

Change your and your schools energy supplier to a renewable energy supplier. They use water power and wind power, tidal power and solar power – non polluting energy sources – see the renewable energy starter for details.

Try to cut down car use, cars contribute enormously to the greenhouse gas problem.

Buying locally produced goods helps to cut down on pollution too – particularly if you avoid out of season food flown in from around the world.

Try to reduce the amount that you throw into the bin – it takes energy to make things – even packaging and we pollute our world when we throw things away.

There are loads of big and little steps that we can take to help prevent climate change and to improve the future of our world. The other starter sections are full of ideas.. Remember – every step counts.

You might find that your family or friends refuse to believe that the world is heating up – or even that it is a bad thing.