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Amazing Nutrition Lesson Exclusively For The Kindergarten

According to a recent study, almost 2 billion people in the world are currently obese, with 13% of it being in the U.S. When you look at the numbers there will be lots to comprehend. It all owe to the poor dietary and lifestyle choices which they follow starting right from the childhood.

If we get the childhood nutrition right, then we can definitely equip them for a better future. Following are some tips which will help them do just that:

1. Cook it in a fun way

Let’s admit. Everyone, including us, is more likely to go for a burger rather than an apple when both are placed on the same shelf. And why shouldn’t we? It tastes good, right? And, we also have our psychology as such but a burger is not nutritionally fulfilling. So, the key is that one should cook whatever food they are cooking in a fun way that pleases the taste buds but are also visually appealing to the children.

2. Include food from all the food groups

  1. Vegetables, Legumes and beans

  2. Fruits and salads

  3. Cereals and other food with high fibres

  4. Lean meat including fish, poultry and eggs

  5. Milk, cheese and yogurt

It is important to have a balanced meal as it accelerates the growth of the child and provides them with all the necessary nutrients required to grow both physically and mentally.

3. Break the meals into smaller components

It is important to break the meals into small components as it prevents nutrient overload and makes it easier for the body to absorb. It also has many health benefits and reduces bloating.

4. Grow your own food

In such busy times, this might serve as a challenge, but when you have kids at such small age in your home, then you need nothing but the best for them. It is difficult to trust what you buy from supermarkets as you may not know what goes into producing them but if you are willing to go the extra mile then you can be assured that your kid eats nothing but the best.

These are some of the ways to get your children to eat nutritional stuff. The most important part of their going is food. The adverse effects of improper nutrition will show up only when children grow up as adults. This is the reason as to why we have to focus on the dietary pattern of children. Help them to eat healthy food items playfully so they will not realize the pain of eating. Of course, there is a difference between butter chicken and broccoli, but there are many ways to make broccoli tasty as well. So change your cooking methods, and things might change!

7 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment

In this fast-paced world when everything is moving and growing fast, it is easy to get left behind and not be able to catch up with your peers. This creates a sense of inferiority complex among some people, and they start doubting their capabilities. So, it is important to create a safe learning environment for them and help them understand that not everyone works at the same pace. Following are some tips which will help do just that:

1. General digital awareness

The first step of creating something is to let people know about it. Some people are totally disconnected from the reality and believe how they are leading the life is how it should be as they haven’t been in a better environment yet, so making people aware of a safer environment should be the first step. This will also motivate a lot of people to learn even if the environment is new.

2. Community building

The second step is to bring together a group of people and work as a team rather than individually fiddling away. This helps in exchange of ideas and helps like-minded feel more connected. Needless to say, with team work you can learn more and achieve better. This is more likely either when the members in the team are equally talented or when they are professionals in their respective fields.

3. Listening more than talking

This is important as we often listen to respond and not to understand. So, if we remove the variable of talking, then we will be able to listen more and act according to it. Listening will also help you learn more. All make sure that you are talking to the right person, so that you will get the right kind of knowledge.

4. Discuss vulnerabilities

Yes, this may come along as a kicker, but it is really important in creating a space in which people have no qualms discussing their vulnerabilities and work towards how to eliminate them.

5. Smile often

This point is often neglected, but smiling more often will keep you in a jolly mood, and you won’t feel annoyed. You are always acknowledged as a positive person, and you will be able to spread positivity.

6. Understand the essence of music

Music is known to be healing and listening to some quality music together will set your mind right and may also motivate you to create some of your own.

7. Practice patience

This is the most underrated thing which most people end up ignoring but it has a significant contribution in creating a safe environment and being patient imbibes you with a rare skill which is immensely helpful when you are taking some senior role in an organization or working in a huge team.

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