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Gives the low down on what, why and the benefits of making your school more sustainable


SEEd is an umbrella, membership organisation for Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), schools, colleges, universities, local authorities and educators interested in Environmental Education and ESD and the environment. We work by facilitating wide stakeholder engagement, promoting shared learning, building capacity and developing cross sector partnerships.

Hampshire County Council Sutainable Schools - contains case studies and teaching resources about Hampshire schools which are, or are becoming, sustainable schools

Eco Schools website 
-explains the Eco-Schools Programme and its links to National Curriculum schemes of work. "By following the programme, your school will become a more stimulating place in which to learn and you will reduce the environmental impact of the whole school on the community. Once registered your school will be part of an international group of schools working towards education for sustainable development and a better quality of life for local and global communities" Schools can work towards the self-assessed Eco-Schools Bronze or Silver Awards and then progress towards the externally assessed Green Flag Award.

 Council for Environmental Education        
reviews, regular e-newsletters, links, resources, grants,  news and events on educating environmental awareness.
Great organisation for education in sustainable development, good, useful website.
Suitable for teachers

    The National Association for Environmental Education
The National Association for Environmental Education is the network of environmental teachers and lecturers, and all those responsible for the delivery of environmental education and sustainable development in our schools. The Association works with a range of partner groups and national and local government; produces the termly 40-page journal Environmental Education
   CAT Centre for Alternative Technology
Comprehensive web site set up by the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

  Fairtrade Schools

website on how to make your school a Fairtrade School.

   Channel 4
An animated interactive website backing up its programmes on citizenship and sustainability. The site includes global stories about the impact and solutions of environmental problems and a range of activities encouraging pupils to think globally and act locally. Information, lots of links, ideas etc.
 x curricular
Suitable for teachers and children
   Headliners (formerly " Children’s express") 

Worth seeing - Headliners is a UK-wide news agency producing news, features and comment by young people for everyone. Through a unique learning through journalism programme, young people aged 8 to 19 research and write stories on issues that are important to them for publication in national and local newspapers, magazines, television and radio. lots of resources for KS3 and KS4, based on stories from the media, including journalism by young people. We've now got over 950 articles in our online database and you can find them either by following the links on the left or searching the site using the search tool at the top of the page.
 Has downloadable resources
Citizenship and PSHE
Suitable for teachers

  BBC Northern Ireland's Education website
A very good site, that looks at a range of sustainable development issues including farming, ecosystems, settlements, tourism , transport and manufacturing.  It is all geared towards Northern Ireland, but it's  thoroughness, clarity and comprehensiveness makes it worth looking at wherever you are based.  Has schemes of work, case studies and worksheets.
Has downloadable resources.
Suitable for KS3
Links into Geography

   Tide curriculum projects- DEC
Tide~ global learning … a network of teachers and educators coming together to respond to the educational challenges of global dimensions, development perspectives and human rights principles.They offer ways of exploring issues about development, sustainability, equality and justice - both here and in other parts of the world. List of materials for teachers, students and those in adult and in service education.
Suitable for teachers

   World Watch Institute
Produce an annual detailed report on the state of the world, e.g. state of agriculture. Newsletters, fact and figures.
Suitable for adults and older children

   Young People's Trust for the Environment
Information on rainforests, acid rain, global warming, endangered species, pollution, ozone layer, whales and dolphins for young people aged 5 to 16 years.
Lots of detailed fact sheets. Has a school membership scheme.
 Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers and children
   Oxfam Education
Site for young people and teachers on development, education and global citizenship. Information, activities, quizzes, global citizenship etc. Oxfam Education offers a huge range of ideas, resources and support for developing the global dimension in the classroom and the whole school. All of the resources here support Education for Global Citizenship – education that helps pupils understand their world and make a positive difference in it.
Geography IT
Suitable for teachers and children
   Dave Wakefield's GeoNet
'A one-man bid to set up the definitive Web site for geography teachers and students' - Guardian
Resources, links, advice, etc.
 Suitable for teachers

Natural Resource Management for Kids

A great list of all sorts of websites with everything to do with sustainability and land management. Found by Mrs Murdock's class!

The Carbon Detectives programme

Provides support and ideas for action to help reduce your schools carbon footprint. It also provides tools to allow you to monitor your progress and report your savings. Join hundreds of schools across Europe today!

   The Centre for Alternative Technology's "Zero Carbon Britain" - recommended

CAT's groundbreaking report shows how Britain can eliminate emissions from fossil fuels in 20 years and break our dependence on imported energy. A resource for teachers + KS4 and A level students.

     GeoResources KS3 and A Level

Geography resources for teachers and students KS3 and A Level. " hundreds of FREE teaching resources, tutorials, a baseline assessment pack, links to exam boards "
Suitable for teachers and secondary school students

    Friends of the Earth Climate Change Campaign

Site gives brief, thorough, info on climate change and action that can be taken to stop the worst effects of climate change.  Also has other related info and links.
Suitable for adults and older children

Footprint Friends - provides young people with a voice on climate change and other environmental issues. Also has a teacher support section with useful resources on carrying out activites.

   International Polar Foundation educational website 'EducaPoles' .

Lots of resources including factsheets and "dossiers" for teachers, plus animations for students, including animations giving choice decisions on future preventative scenarios. Claims to be for primary KS2, though much of this appears more appropriate for KS3 and even KS4. 

    The Climatic Research Unit

One of the world's leading institutions concerned with the study of natural and anthropogenic climate change. Papers, links and newsletters. Contains posters depicting details of reports.
The aim of CRU is to improve scientific understanding in:
» past climate history and its impact on humanity.
» the course and causes of climate change during the present century.
» prospects for the future.
Suitable for adults and older children

    Planet Pals

Educational site aimed mostly at children.  Also has a teachers section.
Has downloadable resources
USA site
Suitable for KS2-3

    ‘Dr Art's guide to Planet Earth'
A really good introduction to energy, matter, zero waste and ecosystems.  This site is essentially one large advert for the American book, but it is worth a look at.
Has some activities that can be used in class although you will have to hunt a bit.
Has downloadable resources
 Suitable for teachers

    The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

For up to date information on climate change and its likely impacts.
Assess scientific, technical and socio- economic information relevant for the understanding of climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.

Suitable for adults and older children

    Climate Care
Dedicated to helping you stop damaging the climate. Find out your carbon footprint, what a carbon footprint is and offset it!
 Suitable for adults and older children
    Best Foot Forward        - Recommended

Consultancy helping organisations to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact, by carbon and ecological footprinting.
 Suitable for adults and older children
    The Climate Ark

The Climate Ark is dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation and ending deforestation.
Search engine and climate change portal.
Suitable for teachers and older children

  Dulas Ltd is a leading UK renewable energy company which has been granted supplier status of renewable energy systems into schools by the government grant scheme "The Low Carbon Buildings Programme, Phase 2". This means that 50% grants are available to install solar panels into schools, including project and re-wiring costs. They have a UK-wide installer network. They have also develop teaching aids and curriculum linked resources to aid teachers in communicating this area. The resources include film, animation and games and cover several subjects. Contact them through their website :

    Energy Resources             Recommended
Created by Andy Darvill, a Science teacher at Broadoak Community School,
This website is for GCSE science pupils and is very good.  Nice and clear and comprehensive with good links.
Suitable for teachers and children.

 Renewable Energy Education site

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)'s renewable energy education site, providing information on the government's energy policy and the deployment of renewable technologies.

Suitable for adults and older children

    WREN World Renewable Energy Network

International promotion of renewable energy.
 Suitable for adults and older children
CADDET provides International information and project examples on the following technologies: -biomass –geothermal  -waste –hydro –solar -wind  -photovoltaic.
A unique source of global information on proven, commercial applications covering the full range of renewable energy technologies.
Suitable for adults and older children

    CREATE          - Recommended

Co-ordinates and promotes renewable energy education in a fun way.
Suitable for adults and older children
    Energy Quest
colourful and informative with lots of energy information, puzzles, stories, jokes and an art gallery. Information, questions and answers, activities - This site is about energy in general and includes nuclear information.
Has downloadable resources
USA site
Suitable for teachers and children

    Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Specialises in performing and enabling innovative research on new and renewable energy technologies.
Suitable for adults and older children

    International Energy Agency
IEA is the energy forum for 26 countries which are committed to taking joint measures to meet oil supply emergencies, sharing energy information, co-ordinating their energy policies and co-operating in development of rational energy programmes.
Suitable for adults and older children
Makers of Solar PV panels, this is their home site.
 Suitable for adults and older children

    Danish Windpower industry - Recommended
The official site. More than 100 animated pages and calculators on wind resources, wind turbine technology, economics, and environmental aspects of wind energy.
Has downloadable resources
Danish site. Select English language option
Suitable for teachers and children

    Wind power at school
In March 1999 Cassop Primary School in County Durham became the first wind-powered school in Great Britain with the installation of a 50kw turbine in the school field. They use it for educational work in maths, sustainable education and literacy.

    British Wind Energy Association
The British Wind Energy Association is the trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewables industries. Formed in 1978, and with over 310 corporate members, BWEA is the leading renewable energy trade association in the UK.
    CREST Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology

Based at Loughborough University CREST’s remit is to advance renewable energy technology so as to provide substantial and benign energy for present and future generations.
 Suitable for adults and older children
Information about hydrogen for students.
Links into Science, Citizenship and Environmental Studies.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for Older children and adults.

Little Rotters Composting Club Although the project itself has come to an end, resources are still available through this website for schools to set up a composting scheme.

   Henry Doubleday Research Association     - Garden Organic for schools- Recommended
HDRA is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food, the organic network for schools is a very good resource. Tips and advice, learning zone, teaching zone, school reports, facts and figures.  Helpful, informative - highly recommended.  Has downloadable resources. Suitable for all key stages

     Healthy Schools        - Recommended
Has a downloadable Healthy Schools toolkit designed to help schools plan, do and review health and wellbeing improvements for their children and young people.

The Royal Horticultural Society Campaign for School Gardening

The RHS’s campaign to inspire schools to get into gargening and to enjoy all the benefits that go with it. The campaign, supported by Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins, provides schools with on-line support, and a network of regional advisers. Simply register your school online, and you will then receive a free start-up kit, rewards and certificates for your progress, access to information and advice for your gardening, regular news and items of interest sent to you by e-mail, and more…

     Access to farms
This website will locate nearby farms for you to visit with your school group. Suitable for teachers

     Soil Association
The Soil Association is the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming. Library, education resources, facts, online farm trails, Great web site, lots of resources.
Has downloadable resources.   Suitable for teachers and older children

  Food forum    - Recommended
Food Forum is an independent food education service, supporting an understanding in the use and enjoyment of food. The F-files provide a bank of teaching and learning materials, together with case studies.
Has downloadable resources. Citizenship Home economics. Suitable for KS3-4

     FACE   - Recommended
Worth going to for resources and information about the natural world, biodiversity, or anything to do with our countryside - good site. Farm and country education site. Has information on resources for primary and secondary, farms to visit and fact sheets. Has downloadable resources. Suitable for most Key stages.
Website of the British Nutrition Foundation. Informative site with ambitious schools education programme.

     Big Barn
You type in your postcode to see a map of your area showing your local small food producers. Food facts links, local food information, seasonal food information and recipes. No resources. No Curriculum links. Suitable for adults and older children.

    TRANSform Scotland
TRANSform Scotland campaigns for a more sensible transport system, one less dependent on unsustainable modes such as the car and the heavy lorry, and more reliant on sustainable modes such as walking, cycling and public transport.
Information on how they work.
 Suitable for adults and older children  

    Safe Routes to Schools(Sustrans)    - Recommended
Safe Routes to Schools is a community approach to encourage more people to walk and cycle to school safely, improve road safety and reduce child casualties, improve children's health and development,  reduce traffic congestion and pollution.
Has a newsletter, advice and publications to help develop a school policy.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers

 Environmental Transport Agency
A site offering environmentally responsible car insurance and break down cover.

A site bearing information on how pollution can be reduced by minimising car usage.
A site bearing information on how travel costs and fuel consumption can be cut by sharing a lift.

 Northern Auto Gas
A site providing information on companies who perform (LPG) auto gas conversions.

A site offering information on how soon solar cars could be available to the public.

A site bearing information on practical projects to help reduce motor traffic.

  Water21 aim to assist with the global implementation of safe, economically viable and sustainable water management solutions. They promote soft engineered, naturalistic, community led approaches that utilise grass roots, local knowledge and support academic studies through student bursaries and internships working on the leading edge of sustainable water management.



    WOW - Recommended
A partnership website between British Waterways, The Waterways Trust and The Inland Waterways Association. The aim of the partnership is to reach out to young people with the message that the waterways are a vibrant, dynamic and integral part of our country's heritage and infrastructure. Has games, information, lesson plans, interactive involvement.
Has downloadable resources
Various curriculum links for KS2
Suitable for teachers and children

    RORE (River Ocean Research and Education) Water file
An educational resource aimed at teachers and community groups. It enables you to access different water-based educational resources and materials. Although based around the south east of England it includes things that are of much wider applicability. Packs, schemes of work and curriculum links.
Has downloadable resources
Has x curricular links
Suitable for teachers

   Water Aid the learn zone offers free teaching resources for primary and secondary schools about water around the world.Cross-curricular themes explore global issues around access to clean, safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. Ready-to-use activities engage classes with thought-provoking questions, role play, enquiry mysteries and much more. Learners can interact with a range of media resources from slideshows, films and games to real people's stories and images.

Food for Life Partnership

Getting children in schools involved in growing and cooking activities, in farm visits and preparing healthy school meals.The programme has positive effects on health, education and local economics and closes the gap between children and where their food comes from.

Garden Organic for Schools

Commited to getting children growing with lots of FREE resources to get schools going with growing their own.

School Food Matters

Commited campaign to ensure every child has fresh sustainable food at school and understand where their food comes from.They have lots of growing and cooking ideas and ideas on kitchen gardens and school farms its well worth a look!

Food In Schools

The food in schools primary training programme provides teachers with an excellent opportunity to enhance and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding about food and cooking in the primary curriculum.

It enables secondary food teachers to work with primary schools to provide an informative programme of professional development; the Food in Schools training focuses on practical solutions for the busy classroom.


 Foodshare Foodshare is a national not-for-profit, 100% volunteer-powered charity which connects growers with local charities. Their aim is to encourage every grower to sow a bit extra, and share their surpluses with a local charity that feeds people. It’s a brand new way to give to charity!

  Food for Life Partnership The Food for Life Partnership is a network of schools and communities across England committed to transforming food culture. Together we will revolutionise school meals, reconnect young people with where their food comes from and inspire them to cook and grow food.

The Growing Schools Garden provides resources to help students gain experience in understanding how food is produced and how landscapes are managed at working farms and countryside locations. Contains useful links to other relevent pages.

   BBC Northern Ireland's education section
Is one of the few sites with information about food miles for young people that we could find on the web.  This site has lots of information, including a simple menu game.
Has links to geography.
Suitable for KS3 in particular

Youth Food Movement

For young farmers and foodies alike this is a link of the "slow food" campaign. They alos have a skills sharing section and frequently updated blog to keep you up to speed with their current action.

Recommended. A simply superb short flash film on organic farming. Funny and engaging this film is a great stimulator for discussion.  There are links to more detailed information.  American site  Key stage 2 - 4

Just the picture - no links or anything else.  Worth a look! An extraordinary picture of the Earth from space, showing the lights.
Suitable for teachers and children

   Energy Chest
Covers energy in buildings, energy and the environment plus energy sources.  A good site. The site includes basic information on energy and its use, curriculum activities, notes for teachers and a library of links to other energy and environmental sites.
Suitable for KS2-3

Major organisation promoting energy education. Information for schools and young people, energy saving and games. Information, superb energy releated links page, newsletter energy management and downloadable resources etc.
Suitable for Teachers and older children
Has downloadable resources

  The Energy Saving Trust
National organisation working to promote energy efficiency and the increased use of renewable energy. Lots of advice, information and a dedicated schools section.

    Wastewatch   - Recommended
Waste Watch is the leading national organisation promoting and encouraging action on the 3Rs - waste reduction, reuse and recycling. Education information, games and packs on waste management and recycling.  Kids site under development. Good source of free resources and facts.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers and older children

    Pulp and Paper Information Centre
Information and resources for schools on manufacturing and recycling paper.
The central source of information website for the Pulp, Paper and Board Industry.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers and older children

    Ollie Recycles            - Recommended
Downloads, games, projects and links for children and teachers. Australian. 'Ollie's World' contains two sections - one for adults and one for kids. The extensive kids' section has information for children worldwide, about the 4Rs: Pretty good, fun and interactive.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for KS2-3

Packaging industry website with Kids Zone and staff room. Lots of info and National Curriculum links on materials and waste issues. Information including time line and newsletter.  They have several resources on offer to buy.
Suitable for teachers and older children

    British Glass
Details on glass recycling in the UK.  Through this web site you'll be able to learn more about the world of glass, how it's made, how it's used and how it would be difficult to live without it. Information and links.
Suitable for adults and older children

    Recycling Lesson Plans
Lesson plans on waste.
Has downloadable resources
USA site
Suitable for KS2-3 UK recycling database. Good informative site with free downloadable factsheets Fun ideas for classroom / school-based recycling projects

    Learning Through Landscapes          - Recommended
Their Mission is to ensure that children enjoy the opportunities and experiences that well-planned and designed school grounds can offer.  LFL publish ideas (and regular magazine) for making the most of school grounds. Fantastic site, great organisation.  Has information and activities for children and teachers.  Highly recommended.
Suitable for teachers and children

   Growing Schools       - Recommended
The initiative aims to encourage all schools to make better use of the outdoor classroom as a context for teaching and learning, both within and beyond the school grounds.  The site describes its 5 flagship projects and has detailed information sheets on line.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers

Global Outdoors  -

This website contains a database of contacts and case studies for those who wish to educate for a fairer and more sustainable world, using the outdoor classroom. You can search it to find topics and what's happening in your area. It is created by Cumbria Development Education Centre and funded by the Department For International Development.

Forest Schools The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. The organisation runs courses for both primary and secondary schools.

   Natural England : Nature for Schools.

Over 100 curriculum-linked lesson plans for Primary and Secondary schools.

Informative and extensive information about birds.
Suitable for adults and older children

    BBC education website
General nature website has lots of other resources. Information and activities.
Suitable for KS2-4

    Growing Schools       - Recommended
The initiative aims to encourage all schools to make better use of the outdoor classroom as a context for teaching and learning, both within and beyond the school grounds.  The site describes its 5 flagship projects and has detailed information sheets on line.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers

    Roots & Shoots
program of the Jane Goodall Institute, is a powerful, youth-driven, global network of more than 8,000 groups in almost 100 countries. Together, youth of all ages are taking action to improve our world through service learning projects that promote care and concern for animals, the environment and the human community.

Treesponsibility in Calderdale is a not-for-profit community group, based on mutual accountability and consensus. Information about tree responsibility and a bit about planting trees.
Suitable for adults and older children

    Henry Doubleday Research Association ­ organic network for schools  - Recommended
Good site for school gardens. 'How-to' make and maintain a wildlife or food garden. Notes for teachers in curriculum and a few interactive activities.
Suitable for teachers and children

    The Marine Conservation Society
Details of marine conservation campaigns and events, including World Ocean Day and the Good Beach Guide.  The Marine Conservation Society is the UK Charity dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and its wildlife.
Some information ­ mostly on campaigns.  In their shop they have a few resources for sale - prices from £2.50 - £6.00.
Has downloadable resources
Science, Geography, English
Suitable for teachers and older children

    The Butterfly Website
American website giving comprehensive information on butterfly gardening, farming, ecology and  education.   Learn how to plant a butterfly garden.
Suitable for KS2-3

    Environmental Education & Interpretation - Recommended
A treasure of a website with lots of great links, ideas for activities and lots of good links to wildlife education resources. Mostly links, some information on teaching about nature.  Lovely comments.
Suitable for teachers and children

    Cairngorms Partnership
Details of management plans, activities and information on the Cairngorm area.
Suitable for adults and older children

    AES Bug Club
The Bug Club is a club devoted to young people and the "Young at heart" who find insects and other creepy crawlies interesting and even fascinating. 
Pages for young entomologists from the Amateur Entomologists' Society. Detailed information about 'bugs'.  Membership is possible.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers and children

    Forestry Commission
Education section is being developed but leaflets and posters can be ordered and questions asked. Information about forestry, etc.
Suitable for adults and older children

    UK Biodiversity Site
The JNCC is the UK Government's wildlife adviser, undertaking national and international conservation work on behalf of the three country nature conservation agencies English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Countryside Council for Wales. Information on habitats, species, marine coastal, international.
Suitable for adults and older children

    Scottish Natural Heritage
The government agency for Scotland's natural heritage.  Information.
Suitable for adults and older children

    WWF-UK        - Recommended
World wide wildlife conservation programmes and education information, packs and books.  As one of the biggest non governmental environmental organisations, the WWF have a lot to say. Information, games, practical advice, online shop, quizzes, internet debates for pupils.  A great place to look at sustainable development.
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for teachers and children

    Sustainable Measures
A good explanation of sustainability for older students.
 Suitable for adults and older children

    On the Line
Through communication, visits, exchanges, events, celebrations, On the Line links people in the eight meridian-line countries: Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. Includes activities and projects for schools, interactive stuff for pupils, activities and information.
Geography, Literacy and Citizenship Spanish,
Suitable for KS2-3

    Planning For Real
Easy to use design for urban regeneration.  "Planning for Real" can improve the way in which residents, officers and councillors can work together to implement change.
Information about urban regeneration packs.
 Suitable for teachers

    Miniature earth         - Recommended
An online 'film' introducing global citizenship. Thought provoking, lasts about 3 minutes.
 Suitable for teachers and children

    The Globe Programme
International environmental education project that tries to encourage schools to explore their local areas and report their findings over the Internet. Covers sustainable development.
  Suitable for teachers and children

  British Council Schools Online The ISA encourages and supports schools to develop the following: An international ethos embedded throughout the school; a majority of pupils within the school impacted by and involved in international work; collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools; curriculum-based work across a range of subjects; year round international activity- and more.


  The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an independent charity with the purpose of inspiring people to re-think, to re-design and build a positive future. The foundation aims to work with Schools and FE colleges (14-19 age range) and Higher Education. Our focus is primarily design and technology, business, economics and enterprise; the work related curriculum and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), but also other subjects that have a direct link to business sustainability and promoting creative and critical thinking skills. - Highly recommended


  TED Talks Contains a large database of inspiring talks by industry leaders and creative minds on all manner of subjects, including the educational system. - Highly recommended

    Compassion in World Farming  (CIWF)
Website has information about  all of the issues involved, including their resources and information about free school speakers etc.
Suitable for adults and older children
For their downloadable resource, Ethics and Animal Farming, go to  - suitable for post 16 it looks at the social, ethical and economic aspects of farming

    The Co-op
If you go to the looking for information section you will find some interesting arguments for and information about fair trade and ethical trading. 
Suitable for adults and older children

    Conservation International
Informational and awareness raising around the world. Information about Conservation International.
Suitable for adults and older children

    Learn things - the Guardian is their "open" site, with lots of free resources for homework and revision.
Has downloadable resources
X Curricular
Suitable for teachers

    Banana link
Banana Link aims to alleviate poverty and prevent further environmental degradation in banana exporting communities and to work towards a sustainable banana economy. Good research site for all things banana, including fair trade and intensive farming issues.
Suitable for KS3-4

    Seeing through the Spin
A pack for analysing advertising and PR ( free download ) aimed at KS4.
Extremely partial information about PR advertising in general and Nestle in particular
Has downloadable resources
Suitable for KS4

  Fair Trade
Informative & colourful website from Fair Trade Foundation. Has education section with free downloadable teaching resources and factsheets.


Open City - My Green Schoolis an initiative developed by Open-City to give children aged 7 to 11 across the UK the opportunity to learn about, and be inspired by sustainable architecture through first hand investigations of their own school building. Includes unique interactive lessons and a teachers guide.

     Commission for architecture and the built environment
Cabe education aims to create greater public understanding of the importance of quality urban design through increasing access to opportunities for learning about the built environment. Events, information and case studies.
Suitable for teachers

     Bed Zed
A new urban high density development, an urban 'ecovillage' in Southern England. Clever design putting together different established techniques. Used lots of recycled materials. Information and links to other similar buildings.
Suitable for adults and older children

     Hockerton Housing Project
The UK's first earth sheltered, self-sufficient ecological housing development. A terrace of 5 houses in Nottinghamshire, self-sufficient in energy (through windmill) and water (filtered rainwater). The houses take almost no energy to heat. The residents of the five houses generate their own clean energy, harvest their own water and recycle waste materials causing no pollution or carbon dioxide emissions. The houses are amongst the most energy efficient, purpose built dwellings in Europe.
Suitable for adults and older children

    BRE Group
Practical information for implementation of sustainable building.  To help schools reduce their environmental impacts. 'The Schools Toolkit' can make a valuable contribution to student's education in several areas of the curriculum. BRE is the UK's leading centre of expertise on buildings, construction, energy, environment, fire and risk.
Suitable for teachers

     Sustainable village
Suitable for adults and older children

     Columbia's model city
Write-up about a newly built sustainable tropical civilization in Colombia.
Suitable for adults and older children

     The house that Mike and Heather built
Reed beds, grey water, solar panels. An Australian city eco-house.  Interesting accessible information about an eco-conversion. Quite inspiring.
Suitable for adults and older children




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