Sustainability in Schools: Oil-Fired Solar Burners

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The sun is synonymous with pleasant activities (a glass on the terrace, a walk in nature…), but it is also a source of energy. It allows trees and plants to grow and warm up your home. At least if you have invested in solar panels or in a solar boiler. Do you want to heat your home in a way … Read More

Amazing Nutrition Lesson Exclusively For The Kindergarten

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According to a recent study, almost 2 billion people in the world are currently obese, with 13% of it being in the U.S. When you look at the numbers there will be lots to comprehend. It all owe to the poor dietary and lifestyle choices which they follow starting right from the childhood. If we get the childhood nutrition right, … Read More

7 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment

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In this fast-paced world when everything is moving and growing fast, it is easy to get left behind and not be able to catch up with your peers. This creates a sense of inferiority complex among some people, and they start doubting their capabilities. So, it is important to create a safe learning environment for them and help them understand … Read More