Sustainability in Schools: Oil-Fired Solar Burners

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The sun is synonymous with pleasant activities (a glass on the terrace, a walk in nature…), but it is also a source of energy. It allows trees and plants to grow and warm up your home. At least if you have invested in solar panels or in a solar boiler. Do you want to heat your home in a way that respects the environment and saves money? This article tells you how to make the most of solar energy by combining it with an oil-fired boiler.

The benefits of solar energy we would doubt it in sullen weather, but even in Belgium the sun shines sufficiently (and not only in summer). It is possible to table on 1553 hours of sunshine per year (200 more by the sea), or 4.25 hours per day. It is therefore quite conceivable to use solar energy to heat water and buildings. To do this, there are different methods: photovoltaic panels are probably the best known. Thanks to this installation, the sunlight is turned into electricity, which will be used to power your appliances and your lighting. No need for direct rays: The daylight is ample enough.

If you have a solar boiler, you realize a great savings on your hot water consumption. A solar boiler combines a solar panel and a water heater. Consider solar panels installation in Los Angeles  because this process can be complicated. The solar panel is placed on the roof and consists of pipes that heat the liquid. Once heated, it is sent to the heat exchanger of the water heater, and can be used for sanitary hot water or in support of heating. For a family of four people, a traditional solar boiler, with 4 to 5 m² of solar panels and a boiler of 250 to 300 liters, suffices.

An oil-fired boiler, the perfect auxiliary it is often not possible to heat all your house with solar energy: this one is more suitable for the preheating of the water intended for your central heating. In addition, this environmentally friendly facility needs help in the winter and cloudy weather. An oil-fired boiler will fill this role perfectly. Thanks to its control system, it will only engage if necessary (automatic auxiliary heating).

Solar energy, an economical solution associating an oil boiler with solar energy sounds like a good idea? You are absolutely right: an installation of this type helps to preserve the environment, but is also beneficial to your energy budget. With solar panels, a four-person average household saves about 45 litres of fuel oil per square metre of solar panel every year. An impressive figure!

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