6 Tips for a Truly Memorable Education

Education is one of the most important thing in our life. And it’s up to us to make it as memorable as we could. Creating memories that can create an impact to the surroundings around you is what makes a memorable moment. Here are 6 Tips to make your education as memorable as possible.

  1. Do Things You Want

  • To make your education memorable, you should gain experience as possible as you can. Develop your skills, pursue your deepest passion. It’s all about doing. Don’t be passive and just lamely swallowing what’s being served right in front of you. It’s about action, doing what you want to learn and when you want to learn. John Taylor Gatto , an Author and a former teacher, once said “You don’t get an education. You TAKE the education.”
  1. Do Unusual Things

  • Normal things are boring. To make things more memorable in your education life, do unusual things. You know what they say, “Create the extraordinary” or “Embrace the curious and the strange”. Unusual is the new normal. We aim to be intrigued.
  1. Embark on a Worthless Mission

  • Some others may say that let’s do crazy things for the sake of fun and see where it leads. But I want you to know something about the word “worthless”. Fun is not worthless. Fun is necessary and valuable for us as a human being. When nothing is going on, it could be the time where kids and adults are emptying themselves of the “every day” routine of life. But fun opens up different kinds of opportunities that can lead to life-long passions.
  1. Embrace a Cause

  • Your education can be boring at some times. But as long as you’re doing something that you think is meaningful to you, you’ll notice that education becomes a part of your life. You’ll start to love it as long as you’re following your heart.
  1. Be Humble

  • Some might say that let’s spread the word of how great you are. Well? No. We have a saying that “The more you know, the less you show”. The more you pursue your education through your interests, opportunity will suddenly show up, and more doors will be opened.
  1. Get Over Yourself

  • Just because you graduated and you’re done schooling doesn’t mean you also stop learning. No. We as humans are learning even though we’re not at school anymore. You’re not going to stop learning just because you’re too old or because you feel like giving up. Get over yourself means you’re limitless and you’re open to learn something from everyone around you. You’re open to new ideas and discover to try new things. You contribute. We always make mistakes, but someday we’ll look back to those mistakes and just laugh about it. And continue learning as long as we’re living.