Educational Resources

Access to education doesn’t have a cost an arm and a leg. Online learning has helped millions of people looking to become better programmers, artists, accountants, etc. The possibilities are endless and the internet has enabled this to happen.

Useful Resources


Udemy has one of the largest online learning libraries on the web. Their topics range from Business to Music and Lifestyle. The courses are also reasonably priced based on the content provided. They often will run deals of almost 90 percent off.

Khan Academy

During my years in University, Khan Academy was probably the best resource for Math and Science. I first discovered them when looking up a problem on YouTube. The videos are similar to how a teaching assistant or Professor might present a problem. I soon realized it would be a great resource to supplement with the Math courses I was taking.


Coding of any sort is best learned through practice and repetition. Codecademy will break down a topic and run you through a series stages working on real-world concepts. If you have ever taken a course online through College or High school, the format is quite similar, yet costs a lot less.


You can find answers to most of your problems online these days. While YouTube itself isn’t a structured source of learning information, it is entirely free. Usually, if you find yourself with a question on a topic, Youtube is a solid visual aid, with individuals that are passionate about your topic.