Selecting The Right Toys for Toddlers

Toys can be a tool to a kid’s growth and development. Toddlers or kids likes to explore and learn things quickly by doing. Playing is one way for a child to develop and practice its skills on his or her own. It’s not a requirement to provide your kid with many different toys, some of the best play toy for kids are open ended. There are a few toys out there to help your kid develop its creative, problem solving kids and imagination. Such open ended toys include blocks, dress ups, balls, crafty bits and cardboard boxes. Below, we provided a list of useful ideas for parents to choose the right toy for their little ones.

Tips for choosing the ideal toy for your kid

  • Giving kids toys that they can use it for several ways is a great way to use their imagination skills. Such toys include building blocks or wooden blocks, where kids can build them into wooden bridges, roads, buildings and more.
  • Providing your kids with toys that can grow with them is also a must. Such toys like small plastic animals are fun for toddlers who may build a room out of a shoe box for such animals. On the other hand, older toddlers can use these toys to narrate a story. Examples of such toys include action figures, trains, trucks, dolls, and stuffed animals.
  • Choose toys that can encourage kids to develop their problem solving skills. Such example of these toys include shape sorters, puzzles, clay dough, crayons, and blocks.
  • Select toys that can test your child’s imagination. Toys such as dress up clothing for girls, train and trucks for boys, toy food, and plastic plates can help them create depending on what’s on their minds.
  • Real-life toys is also great for a child’s development. This includes plastic food and dishes, musical instruments, toy phone, brushes, dustpans, child-sized brooms, and toy keys.
  • Toys that encourages your kids to remain active is also a must-have. Such toys includes balls with different shapes and sizes, plastic bowling sets, three-wheeled scooter, gardening tools, small-sized basketball hoop, and boxed to make tunnels.
  • Spend time with your kids too during playtime. You can play board games with them to improve their memory power.

Always keep a look out for the age range

Different toys have different age range details on its packaging. Parents should observe the interest and development stage of a kid to give them a better sense on what toys to choose. Age range information on toys is one way to warn parents that some toys are not safe for kids at this age or the other way around. Such toys have small parts that kids might accidentally swallow. This is why it’s very important to look out for the age range in selecting toys to keep them away from harm. Toddlers spend a lot of time playing toys all day long. Girls like dress ups. Little boys are fond of train toys, trucks, and all other vehicle-type toys. No need to spend a huge amount of cash for toys. You can surprise your kids with toys that are useful for their growth and development.

Choose toys that are comfortable for you

Parents may find it uncomfortable to let their kids play with toy guns. It is very important to choose the right toy that you’re comfortable to begin with. Toys such as toy guns involves violence and aggression. This may be bad for your kid as it can corrupt its well-being and self-confidence. This may lead your kids to make their own guns or any kinds of weapons by using everyday objects such as toast or wooden sticks. As a parent, you can encourage your kids to be creative but not to be aggressive. Banning toy usage or lecturing your kid is a bad idea as they might find a way to play with the toys you’ve banned from them. Instead, you can use the war play of child to teach the values of war, violence, and weapons. In this way, your kids can definitely learn a thing or two.