Studying Tips for College and Trade School Students

Going to college or trade school can overwhelm those who are still trying to get in the hang of it. One’s usual habits like knowing where exactly to get lunch and what to pick, from knowing where and when you to study will be changed. Nevertheless, every student wants to do great no matter what.

Here are some insights and tips that can help you become do well in college or trade school:

Characteristics of a Successful College Student

Getting an education in a college or a trade school will always never come easy. Students in these kinds of institutions will always be challenged. Moreover, those students who are successful in conquering these challenges usually have things in common, and you can also develop these traits.

  1. Hardworking

Typically, you will have classes and subjects that will be easy for you to deal with, and there will be others that will be tough for you. What’s important is that you do whatever it takes to do it, and not give up in the process.

  1. Goal-oriented

Even if the college can offer you a lot of fun, you have to remind yourself about the reason why you’re there. It’s important to be reminded you have your priorities and that you have to accomplish them.

  1. Disciplined

It takes a great deal of discipline to get things done and to do them well. Having this trait helps you strike a balance whenever things become stressful or tough.

  1. Persistent

Just like being hardworking, having persistency means having to roll up your sleeves and do more of the work until it is done satisfactorily.

  1. Curious

Being hungry for knowledge and education usually gives any student fuel to do better even if things are tough and tiring.


Typically, those people who go to college or trade school will be challenged when it comes to balancing their time, and this can be one of the biggest challenges. What’s important is that you should be able to balance and manage your time well, and only focus and allocate time on things that honestly matter. Below are some tips that can help you with this.

Minimize Your Social Media Use

One of the things that you should genuinely avoid is to spend so much unnecessary time on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others should be utilized minimally to maximize your productivity.

Avoid Video Games

Video games can be very addicting especially when you get immersed in them. The worse is that, when you get addicted to it, you won’t notice the number of hours that you spent wasting on them. To balance fun and responsibilities, it might be best if you only devote your leisure time on the weekend so or when you are genuinely available for such.


It’s usually inevitable for a college student to experience alcohol and binge drinking sessions among peers; however, what remains to be important is that you should be able to discern when is the most “okay” time to do it.


Acquaint Yourself Well With Your Syllabus

Usually, your professors will lay everything that you have to learn in your syllabus. It’s essential that you plan and familiarize yourself with this for you to be prepared for the whole semester.

Take Good Notes

Always write down essential and critical information when you’re in a class. You can even record an audio of the lecture and transcribe it later. This way, you can reinforce your learning.

Don’t Cram

Make sure that you allocate a sufficient amount of time to study and prepare for your quizzes and exams. Never rely on cramming for they usually fail to give you the best results that you can have if not for your cram.

Improve Your Writing

In the whole course of your college experience, writing will play a massive part in it which means that you should also improve your writing abilities to excel fully.

Schedule Your Study Time

Make it your habit to have regular study time. This way, it will be a part of your routine to reinforce the things that you have learned in your classes, further improving your chance to have high remarks.

Take Breaks

It’s also equally important that you give yourself a fair amount of time to let yourself breathe and relax. Get up, walk around, and have some fresh air.

Study With Others

Usually, going and studying with other peers who share the same goal can double your productivity and can significantly help your performance.

Get Enough Sleep

All of the things mentioned above can be quickly put to waste if you don’t give yourself a sufficient amount of rest. This is to allow your brain and body to have the rest that it needs for you to function well.

Don’t Skip Classes

Sometimes, you will find yourself wanting to stay at home and skip some classes. However, it can be unhealthy for you and your academic progress if you do, which is something that you want to avoid.

Ask For Help If You Have To

Professors, instructors, academic counselors, or even other students will be glad to help and answer queries that you might have. Don’t be hesitant to seek help if you have to.

Stay Organized

Invest in a good planner if you have to. This is to help yourself stay on track, and be well organized.

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