The Difference Between E-book and Textbook

Textbooks are becoming a thing in the past as e-books are becoming more popular than ever. Gone are the days where you have to wait in line at the bookstore, required readings, and taking notes on each chapter. E-books have made these things easier which can benefit the students.

But we all have choices. You can either stick with the traditional textbook or go for a modern twist on e-books. Below, we’re going to list the benefits and the difference of both reading materials. Let’s take a look at them.


  • Cheaper – E-books needs no page to be printed or shipping fees so that it can reach the bookstore. This reduces the overall price of e-books which the students can definitely afford.
  • Handy – As long as you have your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, your e-book is always with you. Say goodbye to carrying multiple textbooks that only increases the weight you’ve been carrying inside your bag.
  • Takes up less space – Your desk will never be the same again as you only need your gadgets to carry your e-book. No more piles of textbooks that takes up your desk space, just get your electronic gadget and you’re good to go.
  • Printable – If you have that one important page you’re keeping an eye on, you can easily print it with e-books. This way, you don’t have to print all of its pages which is very costly.
  • Re-sizable Fonts – Fonts are too small or too large? Resize them the way you want it to be to suit your reading needs. This font flexibility is useful for those people with poor eyesight.


  • It’s there from the start – Textbooks has been your best friend since the start of your school life. With textbooks, you don’t have to worry about technology, short battery life, or straining your eyes while glaring at screens.
  • Unused? Resell them! – If you’re done using your textbook, you can either resell them online, or to your friend or classmate. With e-books, it’s easily accessible to each and every one.
  • Tangible – With textbooks, you can make highlights, notes, and keep track of what you’ve read. Studies have shown that you can gain more information and memorize things easily by reading a tangible book compared to reading on-screen.
  • Commonality – Textbooks are accessible anywhere. Most especially in bookstores or in your school department, which makes them easier to find.

At the end of the day, you can choose whatever reading material that’s best suited for you. You can also choose both e-book and textbook and balance the two of them. Both of them has different benefits and keep that in mind especially before making your purchasing decisions.

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